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Top fashion brands already know the benefits of working with a fashion marketing agency to leverage their marketing and advertising efforts with the help of experts and specialists in the area of fashion marketing and fashion advertising.


In many cases small and medium size fashion companies often lack the resources necessary to be able to compete with many top fashion brands. As fashion marketing agency we offer affordable solutions in the area of fashion marketing and fashion advertising for fashion brands of all sizes.


Our strategies and concepts for fashion marketing can increase sales and revenue in a faster and more effective way. As the competition throughout the fashion industry is steadily increasing among fashion brands and more and more customers are increasingly buying clothes, accessories and shoes online, it is extremly important for fashion brands to work with a partner who understands the specific challenges the fashion industry faces in terms of marketing and advertising. The benefits of working with a professional fashion marketing agency are very clear when it comes to maximizing the potential of your fashion brand with online shoppers world wide.




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Discover top fashion marketing strategies for apparel, accessories, shoes and more…


The first thing you need to know when it comes to fashion marketing is, that there are many different aspects to consider. Depending on your marketing goals, you might prefer to work with a fashion marketing agency Los Angeles NYC or Miami. For the European market you might be more inclined to work with a fashion marketing agency London based. In all these locations we can help you pinpoint the right marketing strategies that will work best for your business and fashion related products. The best choices for fashion marketing strategies and fashion advertising services are based on your products and traget markets.


“Targeting your customers where they are active and engaging them based on their interests and desires.”


As a fashion marketing agency we know that it is very important to make this analysis before you chose a dedicated marketing channel to miximize the engagement with your ideal customer base. Being one of the top fashion marketing agencies that has worked with many fashion brands concerning all areas of online fashion marketing – as well as quality fashion advertising services – gives us the experience that is necessary to create and manage productive fashion marketing campaigns that produces the maximum ROI our clients our looking for.



Fashion Marketing & Advertising Services


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You’ve probably seen other fashion brands or even your direct competition sore ahead of you with great success by utilizing good quality fashion online marketing strategies that include the successfull use of:


  • fashion SEO
  • fashion social media
  • influencer marketing
  • fashion advertising
  • branding & creative


As fashion brand there are several challenges to be aware of and as fashion marketing agency know, when it comes to online marketing for the fashion industry, than you need to always be ahead of the game. You might already have a specific idea where you would like to start with your online fashion marketing. However there are several aspects you should be aware of before taking the next steps.




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First steps for successful fashion marketing


When working with a fashion marketing agency the most important step is the initial research and discovery phase. It is importnat to fhind this ideal starting point for your fashion marketing success. This is absolutely crucial when working with a fashion marketing agency and will include:




Once you and your dedicated fashion marketing agency have agreed on the starting point. the inital strategy phase for your fashion online marketing can begin. These strategies will depend on:






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With the above mentioned first steps in mind it will be much easier for you to find the right fashion marketing agency for your fashion e-commerce stores. This is by far the best way of starting your online marketing success. It is also important to know that a good fashion marketing agency always offers you an in-depth initial consultation. This should help you determine what the best online marketing strategies are and what would work best for your fashion brand e-commerce store. Ideally a market analysis should be completed before you decide on taking action. It is simple but very effective, when building your fashion brand with a quality fashion marketing agency, that knows what marketing strategies will work best for your fashion brands. This is by far the best way to work with a good fashion marketing agency. One of the most important aspects of fashion online marketing is to work with the natur of the fashion industry in mind.


“The Fashion industry is seasonal”


As a professional in the fashion industry you will know, that many parts of your business will be seasonal. A regular online marketing agency will not take the time to consider this very vital aspect of fashion marketing. It is therefore very important to work with a professional fashion marketing agency that knows how to anticipate the right trends before the “selling season” starts. Because thouse seasonal trends are what makes the differece between a very successful fashion brand and just a fashion online store. Yes, this is where most fashion brands fail and lose a lot of money. However, at the LMG agency we can help with this issue by utilizing the right strategies specifically for your fashion brand and e-commerce stores. Our service helps you stay ahead of the game and is an ideal way of keeping track of the wants and needs of your target audience.




Fashion SEO as Evergreen Fashion Marketing Strategy


Many companies in the fashion and luxury lifestyle industry can greatly benefit from targeted search engine traffic. From fashion designers and online clothing stores all the way to accessory retailers or interior designers. Fashion SEO can put your company where people are looking to buy your products. You can benefit from an increase of trageted visitors to your website, by making use of quality fashion SEO strategies like the ones mentioned below.


LMG’s Fashion SEO services are very scaleable to fit the individual and seasonal needs of any fashion company. We service both fashion and luxury brands as well as creative agencies with cutting-edge seach engine marketing. The fashion industry has benefited immensely from online shoppers within the past few years. It is still true though that many fashion brands focus their online marketing on social media and are missing out on the thousands of targeted shoppers and visitors to their website. People that are looking to find your produkts with the help of search engines like Google or Yahoo. Our Fashion SEO services help fashion companies in all shapes and sizes to increase their website traffic and conversions. All the way from established fashion e-commerce stores to new companies in the fashion industry. Fashion SEO can make a hugh difference to any fashion company wanting to increase revenue on a consistent basis.




METROPOLITAN FASHION SEO – Local Search Engine Marketing for Fashion Brands


fashion seoAs the name already gives away metropolitan fashion SEO is specifically designed to attract shoppers in larger cities and metropolitan areas like Los Angeles Miami NYC or London. It is clearly designed for businesses looking to build a local brand awareness with a quality SEO agency. This type for fashion SEO services are designed to go hand in hand with other local marketing activities. Clearely it will depend on your companies needs and location. But we recommend to target a larger metropolitan area for many reasons.





E-commerce-fashion SEOAs one of our most popular SEO services e-commerce Fashion SEO is a service that specifically focuses on search engine optimization for online fashion websites that feature a large selection of items. Since many fashion related e-commerce websites generally feature up to several hundred pages, they need a different style of SEO aproach than smaller websites due to the aditional seo cataloging techniques involved. This fashion SEO service ensures that each item’s page is optimized for search engines for optimal visibility. With help of an top fashion agency this can be a lot easier.



FASHION SOCIAL MEDIA SEO – Video SEO and Social Fashion Branding


Fashion-SEO1One of the fastest ways of getting traffic from search engines like Google or Bing is by starting from a point of keyword research rather than very competitive search terms.


In any case the fastest ways to receiver traffic from search engines is by focusing your efforts on video SEO and social media SEO. With this stratey you can get attention for all your very competitive search terms very quickly. If you are interested in this type of SEO marketing be sure to mention it with your next order at fashionLMG.




LMG Fashion Social Media Marketing Services


Social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers to any business. The fashion industry is a perfect example of this trend. Marketing has always been a crucial part of a business. Good companies have grown greatly on the sheer basis of effective marketing strategies. In the era of huge competition, organizations are going through great lengths to advertise and promote their products and earn valuable customer loyalty. The concept of marketing has kept evolving with the passage of time. Companies are forced to adopt new changes in their marketing strategies to remain relevant. In the past few years most marketing tools that have worked for decades were rendered obsolete. Those who managed to anticipate the changes and adopt them quickly are benefiting hugle these days. Fashion social media marketing is leading the way and is growing companies faster than ever before. The power of social media marketing is one of the most important forces for a busniess these days. This is specially benefitial for fashion brands.


All of our social media marketing services focus on both new customer acquisition as well as up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers.

Polyvore Marketing 3Polyvore – Best Advertising &Marketing for Fashion Brands


Since the takeover of Polyvore by Yahoo this exceptional fashion focused social media network is the best possible way to boost your social engagement with fashion lovers. Polyvore is great for starting your fashion social media success. This social media platform also allows amazing ways to benefit from cross posting its content to Facebook Twitter and Pinterest for maximum fan exposure. As fashion agency we work with several proven Polyvore marketing and advertising strategies that have proven to be very benefitial for fashion brands who want to maximize their online growth strategies and ROI.


With over 17 million monthly users Polyvore has established itself as top social media site for fashion lovers and fashinistas across the global fashion industry.It’s unique social activity are based around SETS.


Facebook Fashion Agencyfacebook fashion marketing agency


Every where you look people are using Facebook! It is still the most popular social media site to build your fashion brand with and can be used as hub for crossposting as well. We have found that particularly true when working with other agency clients. For any fashion agency Facebook offers a great deal of flexibility to optimize ROI for our clients. Further more Facebook offers a special agency account for online marketing agencie, that are looking to drive acceptional results with their clients. The most important steps of fashion Facebook advertisig and marketing is Building a solid following FAN BASE on Facebook. This can  work wonders for any fashion brand and is usally done wrong by many.


As Facebook marketing agency and experienced social media advertising partner we can help you with this initial step as well with other fashion specifc Facebook advertising and marketing strategies. Ask us about our special Facebook deals when you contact us on this.




Pinterest Fashion AgencyPinterest fashion advertising agency


As one of the fastest growing fashion communities Pinterest is an ideal way to showcase and share pictures and media bout all of your items. In addition to its main funktion as fashion agencies we offer special tool to impact corssposting to other social media sites and even performing targeted Facebook advertising for your pinterest posts. But also hier our agency based marketing advice is clearly to first focus on building a very solid and powerful active fan base. These should be people that are interested in picture sharing and cross-post to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter Tumblr and Polyvore on a very viral social media platforms.


If you are interested in our Pinterest agency services for your online fashion brand, we can help you in several areas of Pinterest marketing. From influencer marketing to Pinterest advertising we can get you that edge you are looking for. Be sure to contact us for a detailed consultation.


twitter fashion advertising agencyTwitter Fashion Agency


As Twitter fashion agency we can help you with many different advertising and marketing trends that are available for your fashion brand marketing. Clearly Twitter has come a long way and it goes without saying that with in he past few years Twitter has clearly established itself as leading socail media network. Also in the fashion industry there are millions of tweets that are poste ever day. Although Twitter has been underestimated by many companies in the past it’s marketing and advertising power has skyrocketed after twitter introduced its ageny style advertising platform back in 2015. From HASH TAGS to RETWEETS and VERIFIED BY TWITTER the shear power of Twitter is a force that can very well be used for you fashion brand.


There are many parts of Twitter marketing that can be improved and used for your business growth. Be sure to contact us about our several different Twitter and social media services.




Fashion Influencer Marketing Agency


One of our most successful fashion advertising services is fashion influencer marketing. Our fashion and lifestyle focused influencer marketing agency approach connects fashion brands with trending fashion social media influencers and fashion bloggers as well as luxury and lifestyle focused vloggers in the United States, Australia and Europe. The benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency are seemingly endless. For both brands and influencers it is a very powerful way of growing a fashion brand. Once your fashion brand knows how to benefit from influencer marketing you will soon rely on this very profitable way of growing your businss as a solid part of your fashion advertising.


As fashion advertising agency our main focus for influencer marketing is in the are of fashion lifestyle influencers. Our relationshipdatabase of fashion bloggers and fashion social media influencers gives us the necessary insights and power to connect influencers in top industries with brands ready to market to thousands an even millions of targeted indeviduals by connecting the influencers following on blogs, vlogs or social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Polyvore, Instagram and other trending social media sites in each industry.




Throughout the past few years social media marketing has more and more evolved into influencer marketing. The reason is very clear. Social media gorwth strategies have always been focused on targeting groups of followers. Shoutouts from people with a lot of followers have proven to be extremely successful. This trend has now more and more become part of the marketing strategy that many big brands are utilizing.


The benefits of influencer marketing on social media are very easy to follow. Yet many fashion business shy away from influencer marketing and celebrity endorsments as they can become very expensive. However like with many aspects in business it take experts to optimize your return of investment. With social media influencer marketing in the world of fashion we can connect you to many influencers that can benefit your brand almost instantly.




Here at FashionLMG we are a full service fashion marketing agency with focus on customer acquisition through social media, influencer marketing, search engine marketing, fashion blogger services, web-development and advanced SEO strategies. As a global internet marketing company based out of Los Angeles we focus primarily on our customers ROI and revenue growth, not just clicks or traffic. Conversion is a key factor in all of our services. This sets us appart from many other digital and creative agencies. Our experienced team is always dedicated to providing exceptional business development solutions including cutting-edge fashion marketing solutions and targeted advertising services.


Find out how FashionLMG can help you grow your fashion brand fast and professional.