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YES, Facebook marketing can do it all!




Looking for new ways to grow your business? increase your sales? and maximize your ROI?

You might have tried Facebook marketing in some ways before. Maybe you’ve even hired a company or a consultant to help you with Facebook marketing.

The bottom line is, if you have not crushed it on Facebook you have not used the right Facebook marketing strategies and therefore you were not able to tap into the full potential that Facebook marketing can offer you.

The information on this page will give you everything you need to take your Facebook marketing to the next level…

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facebook marketingWhy is Facebook marketing so powerful?

With over 1,400,000,000 users Facebook is by far the biggest Social Media network in the world. To put this in perspective:

  •  71% of all adult internet users are on Facbook.
  • 84% of all smart phone users in the US are on Facebook every day.
  • The average Facebook user ACTIVELY spends 53 minutes per day on Facebook

Compared to other social media networks Facebook is 3 times bigger than any other social media network available. Social Media marketing clearely has become one of the most effective ways to connect with people and attract new customers to your business.

Our Facebook marketing strategies focus on both new customer acquisition as well as up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers.


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On this page you will learn how to master Facebook marketing

 “The reason why most companies fail with Facebook marketing has nothing to do with Facebook but everything to do with STRATEGY. ”

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facebook marketing testimonial

Here you will learn:

  • The WWW Model of Facebook Marketing
  • Strategies we use for the WWW Model 
  • How we can do it all for you 


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The “Who-Where-What Model” of Facebook Marketing

On this page we will show you the  FACEBOOK MARKETING STRATEGY that has worked best for us and our clients over and over again. Our strategy is derived from the STP model (Segmenting Targeting Positioning)  but has been modernized for better results on social media networks like Facebook. We simply call it the Who-Where-What Model.

The first step for any Facebook marketing campaign is to specify who we are looking for. The more precise and targeted we can answer this – the better. This should include an anlysis of our target markets and key demographics.

Once we have established who we are looking for, the next step is to determin where to find the people we are looking for. What are their interests? Where do they like to meet with friends? Where do they like to shop? Where do they socialize. Where and when do they spend money…

The 3rd part of the WWW model is the “What”. This stage is all about strategy. What is the best strategy to engage and connect with your target market at the right place and the right time? What kind of value can you offer them that they are most interested in? What other products do they like? What momentary needs can you sooth and satisfy with time sensitive offers… The more targeted and precise your strategies are in this part, the higher your conversion and CTR will be.


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WWW Model – Strategic Research

Once the preperation phase of the WWW model has been completed for our Facebook marketing and it is clear who we are looking for, where we can connect with our target audience and what to do to connect with them it is time to take the next steps.


Going out and finding your target market/audience.
There are many different ways to do this. We can research Facebook Groups that our target audience would be interested in. Find Facebook Pages that our target audience would like and share. Connect with Facebook Events that our target audience is attending.


We can use several types of Facebook research software to find our exact target market, based on interests and who they are following. This is great if you are going after a large audience and also very useful if you are looking to micro target several segments of your target audience.


After reaching a critical mass on research data that includes a specific list of Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook Events and specific Facebook user that you want to market to, it is time to take the next step: Connecting with your target market and engaging them with your offers.


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WWW Model – Engage & Connect

After all the strategic research has been accumulated it is time to take the next step and communicate with your target audience. The style of communication will depend on your target audience and not so much on your product or service. To effectively engage and connect with your audience it is important to talk about their interests and needs in a way that they can relate to, while at the same time effectively positioning your products and services based on their wants and needs.

An effective communication strategy will largely depend on your industry and target customer demographic. However, it is always important to adapt your communication style to your target audience to get the most out of your Facebook marketing. This should include language as well as visuals.

One of the main goals for Facebook marketing is to build a community around your brand. The bigger your Facebook community is the more money you will ultimately make – it is that simple. The key is to build a community of people who are interested in your product, services and company culture. YES, one of the most important parts of Facebook marketing is to build a company culture that your target audience finds interesting and appealing.

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Our Facebook Marketing Services


Fashion-facebook marketingOur Facebook  marketing services can be added to your current Facebook marketing and can also be ordered as individual services.

Quality Facebook Fans
Building a quality list of Facebook Fans using the WWW Model is one of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing. We will grow your Facebook following by attracting targeted and quality followers to your Facebook pages.

Turn your Followers into Customers
Offering your Facebook Fans targeted call-to-action based marketing with  viral Facebook apps and proven advertising solutions we can increase the overall interactions, engagement and CTR to your sales/home page resulting in significant increase of your ROI.

Facebook Advertising
With the data we collect by using our WWW Model we can effectively target any specific audience. Yes, the WWW Model even improves your ROI on Facebook advertising. Resulting in an increase of your overal CTR for Facebook advertising.

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Interested in learning more about maximizing your ROI with our Facebook marketing services?