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As the name already gives away metropolitan fashion SEO is specifically designed to attract shoppers in larger cities and metropolitan areas like Los Angeles Miami NYC or London. It is clearly designed for businesses looking to build a local brand awareness with a quality SEO agency. This type for fashion SEO services are designed to go hand in hand with other local marketing activities. Clearely it will depend on your companies needs and location. But we recommend to target a larger metropolitan area for many reasons.


As one of our most popular SEO services e-commerce Fashion SEO is a service that specifically focuses on search engine optimization for online fashion websites that feature a large selection of items. Since many fashion related e-commerce websites generally feature up to several hundred pages, they need a different style of SEO aproach than smaller websites due to the aditional seo cataloging techniques involved. This fashion SEO service ensures that each item’s page is optimized for search engines for optimal visibility. With help of an top fashion agency this can be a lot easier.


One of the fastest ways of getting traffic from search engines like Google or Bing is by starting from a point of keyword research rather than very competitive search terms.
In any case the fastest ways to receiver traffic from search engines is by focusing your efforts on video SEO and social media SEO. With this stratey you can get attention for all your very competitive search terms very quickly.If you are interested in this type of SEO marketing be sure to mention it with your next order at fashionLMG.

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3 Step Fashion SEO Success

All of our search engine marketing services follow these 3 steps for maximum business growth.

Step 1 – Keyword Research
The first and most important step to attract more visitors to your website with search engine optimization (SEO) is to research relevant keywords/search terms that will best convert into buying customers. These should be keywords that your potential customers will most likely use when they are looking to buy one of your products. Your keywords are extremely important for your business growth and should be chosen wisely. Once the keywords have been mutually selected the next step is to choose a ranking object (destination URL such as website destination or video) to optimize for On-page optimization.
Step 2 – On-Page Optimization
The second step for our holistic SEO is on-page search engine optimization. During this phase the destination URLs such as website destination video or hub-page will be optimized to supply the search engine spiders (algorithmic search programs) the most accurate and necessary information to rank as the most relevant web property. Once the relevancy of you web property has been established. All SEO work can be focused on Off-page SEO to ensure that your now most relevant web content also becomes the most popular web content and by this ranking with the top search results of your desired keywords. Included in our On-page search engines optimization Are important aspects like analyzing your competition, analyzing your website, and if necessary we will make specific changes to the fundamental web code on your website by assessing: Meta Tags, Content Optimization, URL Optimization, Site Structure and Social Media Integration.
Step 3 – Off-Page Optimization

Off page optimization is very important for ranking as it shows the search engines that your site is the most popular and most relevant for your desired keywords. Our off page optimization services include:
– Link Building: Re-optimizing older links and acquire a healthy amount of new links through link swapping, microblog networks, bookmarks.
– Social Media Signals: Increasing the popularity of your webpages with Facebook Shares, Twitter Retweets, Linked-in Shares and Pinterest Pins as they are becoming more and more valuable to search engine algorithms, as they determine the true popularity of websites.

Advanced Fashion SEO Services


Advanced SEO For Fashion Ecommerce

One of the most important trends in online fashion marketing is Search Engine Optimization for the fashion industry or in short Fashion SEO

As with all SEO work there are 3 stages invovled to achieve the best possible placement in the search engines. When it comes to Fashion SEO, the most important parts are the FASHION KEYWORDS that your buying customers are using when searching for your products in search engines like Google Yahoo or Bing.

Just like in many other areas the fashion industry has its unique challenge that need to be handled in the research phase prior to any SEO work. This is different than the SEO work necessary for most other online e-commerce stores. For this unique challenge that online fashion store face in the online world, any fashion brands need to be particularly careful with fashion SEO services and and other type of services that offer search engine optimization for the luxury and fashion industry.

Any expert with profound knowladge in the area of fashion SEO will be able to tell you, that the online fashion industry is cleary a seasonal driven industry. This means that you need to plan your search engine marketing well in advance to be able to stay on top of the search behaviour of fashion customers looking to buy cloths, shoes, handbags or other fashion related items. A quality fashion SEO service will know this and will be able to  create the detailed plans necessary for your fashion SEO efforts. This exctra planing step is necessary as the fashion keywords need to be geared towards seasonal trends that consumers will look for in the search engines like Google.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing for Fashion Brands

The fashion industry has benefited immensely from online shoppers within the past few years. It is still true though that many fashion brands focus their online marketing on social media and are missing out on the thousands of targeted shoppers and visitors to their website. People that are looking to find your produkts with the help of search engines like Google or Yahoo. Our Fashion SEO services help fashion companies in all shapes and sizes to increase their website traffic and conversions. All the way from established fashion e-commerce storesto new companies in the fashion industry. Fashion SEO can make a hugh difference to any fashion company wanting to increase revenue on a consistent basis.

Many companies in the fashion and luxury lifestyle industry can greatly benefit from targeted search engine traffic. From fashion designers and online clothing stores all the way to accessory retailers or interior designers. Fashion SEO can put your company where people are looking to buy your products. You can benefit from an increase of trageted visitors to your website, by making use of quality fashion SEO strategies like the ones mentioned below.


To maximizing search engine traffic for a fashion e-commerce website is one of the best ways of growing a fashion brand online. Fashion SEO strategy in oder . Similar to the fashion week dates, search engine optimization for the fashion industry needs to be planed 3 to 6 months ahead of time. This means predicting the fashion cycle in its entirety. Many clothing brands already do this in other areas of their business but lack to apply this step to their online marketing and in particular to fashion SEO. Contrary to fashion social media content, SEO for fashion ecommerce stores is an evergreen marketing strategy that will take some time to establish, but will have lasting results.


Once you understand the basic SEO structur and how it can apply to your fashion marketing and PR needs over all you will be able to experice how to get traffice from Google and other search engines on a continous bases. However the fashion industry is one of the most competitive markets in ecommerce. Therefore it is highly beneficial to have experienced fashion SEO experts working on your fashion SEO and not just any general search engine optimization consultant.

Our quality fashion SEO service makes sure to include the anomalies of the fashion industry and is able to rank your website for VERY HIGH COMPETITON FASHION KEYWORDS with high search volume.

This is what it all comes down to: Getting continous traffice from Google and other search engines. If this is what your are looking for our Fashion SEO marketing is perfect for your business growth.

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