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  • Twitter has clearly become the most quoted information source for pop culture and news networks. It is the fastest way of sharing important news and information with your fans. There are 200 million active users on Twitter and those users send an average of 400 million Tweets every day. The main benefit of Twitter is, that it has the power to spread the word faster than any other social media network. Getting your message heard and retweeted on twitter is a very effective way of broadcasting your message (offer) to your current and future customers and increase your social media influence in your industry.

    Aside from paying for Twitter ads there are several other Twitter marketing trends you can use to grow your fashion brand on Twitter. Getting your products in front of trending Twitter fashion accounts that have the target audience you are looking for is one of the great ways you can leverage the power of Twitter for your fashion brand. There are many fashion bloggers on Twitter that have thousands of fashion lovers and fashionistas following every tweet they make. These Twitter fashion bloggers are a great way to get your fashion brand and products in front of thousands of hungry fashion shoppers.

  • Top Twitter Fashion Marketing Strategies

    Utilizing Twitter to tap into seasonal trends like fashion week New York, London, Miami, Paris or Los Angeles are great Twitter fashion marketing strategies you can us to grow your fashion brand wareness and increas sales with the use of Twitter. This a more just about finding fashion twitter accounts to follow or looking for great fashion twitter names that might follow you back. Yes it is important to build a following for your fashion brand, but there is a right way and a not so effective way to benefit from Twitter fashion marketing and just focusing on having alot of followers is clearly not the best way to benefit from Twitter as a fashion brand. More important is to utilize the viral nature of twitter like #hastags and other advaced Twitter marketing possebilites as a more holistic way of marketing your fashion brand on Twitter.

  • Twitter Fashion Marketing Services

    Getting relevant Twitter users to follow you is one of the key ingredients to a successful Twitter marketing strategy. Our Twitter marketing research helps you to connect with several thousand TARGETED followers a week. These are targeting Twitter users who have already shown interest in your type of products and industry.

    Increasing Twitter Followers: We will help grow your Twitter following by using several proven Twitter marketing strategies including our Twitter research tools to find you targeted Twitter users that are interested in what you have to offer and are also active in the Twitter community. conversation targeted campaigns.

    Tweet Ratio Marketing: Our tweet ration marketing will determine the ideal number of tweets for each keyword and hashtag. The goal of tweet ratio marketing is to always be present in twitter conversations that are interesting for you target market.

    #Hashtag Marketing: Tapping into what is currenly trend on Twitter by using the right hashtags and hashtag ration in your Twitter marketing lets you join any Twitter conversation that you are interested in. The key is to use the right hashtags and match your tweets according to the current amount in order to dominate the conversation in a positve and attractive professional way. Through targeted hashtag enabled conversations we will be able to increase your Twitter following and even be able to increase your website traffic directly.